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Our Services

From beginning to end, we will work directly with you on your project. From designing your proposed project, and making sure you get the design you want.  We will incorporate all forms required to be placed on the plans, (forms shall be completed by client). Plans are design using the Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions (previous known as Type V sheet).  Using this method eliminates the need for an engineer.  Below are some of the services we will perform and are included, and items that are not included in our services.

INCLUDED in our Services:

  • Full set of Plans - emailed PDF; size 36x24 sheet.
  • Title 24 shall be included, a requirement by B&S to produce an energy efficiency report by a 3rd party, on the livable space that is impacted by any new occupied addition, or new build.
  • Forms that are required by Building & Safety to be placed on the Plans, shall be incorporated. (client/ home owner shall fill out any forms required by B&S)
  • Calculations of F.A.R. =floor area ratio. 
  • Site measurement. (includes interior if project is attached).
  • Plans sheets shall contain Floor, Foundation, Ceiling & Roof Plans.  Elevations of new addition/ ADU shall all be apart of this service.
  • Corrections/ edits (until passed)
  • Available for consultation (24/7 email/ text/ phone)
  • Work directly with engineer if needed w/ fee (you can provided engineer)

NOT INCLUDED in our Services:

  • We do not take Plans to the City (B&S)
  • No Surveys/ soils report or easement reports
  • No Electrical Load Reports (electricain req'd) I will locate ESP on plans only
  • Clearances, easements or Lot-ties.
  • Engineer: Cost of Plans is without engineer.


Your Plans will be completed with the specific requirements that your city needs to get your plans permited. Contact us for pricing......